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Though I have enjoyed photography since my photo class in high school, it wasn't until recently that I shared my photos with anyone outside of my immediate circle.  I love the act of creating  - whether its photography, my published magical adventure novel - The Secret Key Of Pythagorum, re-imagining  and executing a new interior design for a room, or upcycling old, tired furniture into something fresh and fun.

I believe that art should be accessible to everyone - not only because it enriches our lives,  but also because choosing art that speaks to you and bringing it into your home makes your nest more of an expression of  your individuality.  Some of my works have the movement and texture of an oil painting or watercolor - more an impression of place or scene. But since they are still photography based, the prices  are accessible  to everyone. 

My photography is my interpretation of beauty, and I hope that my shots capture that for you as as well. 

~ Michele

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