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Community Interactive Art Project 

As a writer and photographer, I like the interplay of words and pictures. When I had the opportunity to have my own show at the Bean Cycle,  I came up with the idea to bring these together into one project and include the patrons of the Bean Cycle in the creation of it. 


The idea was this: I put two of my photos on a stand, one named the boat collection and one named moonit fall. I started a story based on the pictures by writing a few sentences in a booklet. I asked for contributions to the art project by asking the patrons to write as much or as little as they wanted to based on what was written before them. A continue the story type of thing...kind of like playing telephone .


When I came to take down the show, I was delighted to find some really good additions to the story.  Here is they wrote:




 The Boat Collection

I was hoping that someone would catch that the yellow  boat's name is the Angry Inch and the character's name is Hedwig. That's OK, it was a long shot. 

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